10GBASE-BX SFP+ 1490nm-TX 1550nm-RX 80km Hi-Optel HB10-0455111 Module

Short Description:

HB10-0455111 is a very compact 10.3125Gb/s optical transceiver module for serial optical communication applications, supporting data-rate of 10.3125Gbps (10GBASE-ZR), and transmission distance up to 80 km on SMF.

Product Detail

Product Tags

 Hot pluggable
 10Gb/s serial optical interface
 1490nm EML Laser and APD receiver
 Up to 80km on 9/125um SMF
 SFP+ MSA package with duplex LC connector
 2-wire interface for management and diagnostic monitor
 SFI High Speed Electrical Interface
 +3.3V single power supply
 Power consumption less than 1.8W
 Operating case temperature: 0~+70℃

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