10GBASE-ER SFP+ 1550nm 40km Hi-Optel HSFP10-1541 module

Short Description:

HSFP10-1541 is 1550nm cooled EML laser based 10Gigabit SFP+ transceiver, which is designed to transmit and receive optical data over single mode optical fiber for link length up to 40km.

The SFP+ ER module is small form factor pluggable module for duplex optical data communications such as 10GBASE-ER/EW defined by IEEE 802.3ae. It is with the SFP+ 20-pin connector to allow hot plug capability.

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The transmitter input and receiver output impedance is 100 Ohms differential. Data lines are internally AC coupled. The module provides differential termination and reduce differential to common mode conversion for quality signal termination and low EMI.

The transmitter converts 10Gbit/s serial PECL or CML electrical data into serial optical data compliant with the 10GBASE-ER standard. An open collector compatible Transmit Disable (Tx_Dis) is provided. A logic "1," or no connection on this pin will disable the laser from transmitting. A logic "0" on this pin provides normal operation. The transmitter has an internal automatic power control loop (APC) to ensure constant optical power output across supply voltage and temperature variations. An open collector compatible Transmit Fault (Tx_Fault) is provided. TX_Fault is a module output contact that when high, indicates that the module transmitter has detected a fault condition related to laser operation or safety. The TX_Fault output contact is an open drain/collector and shall be pulled up to the Vcc_Host in the host with a resistor in the range 4.7-10 kΩ.

TX_Disable is a module input contact. When TX_Disable is asserted high or left open, the SFP+ module transmitter output shall be turned off. This contact shall be pulled up to VccT with a 4.7 kΩ to 10 kΩ resistor.



● Hot pluggable.
● 10Gb/s serial optical interface compliant to 802.3ae 10GBASE-ER/EW.
● 1550nm cooled EML transmitter with TEC, PIN photo-detector.
● Up to 40km on 9/125um SMF.
● SFP+ MSA package with duplex LC connector.
● 2-wire interface for management and diagnostic monitor.
● SFI High Speed Electrical Interface.
● Very low EMI and excellent ESD protection.
● +3.3V single power supply.
● Power consumption less than 1.5W.
● Operating case temperature: 0~+70°C.


● 10G Base-ER/EW
● 10G Fiber Channel (with/without FEC)
● 10G Storage system


● Compliant to SFP+ SFF-8431 and SFF-8432
● Compliant with SFF-8472 Rev 10.2
● Compliant with IEEE 802.3ae 10GBASE-ER and 10GBASE-EW
● Compliant with IEC 60825-1 Class 1 laser eye safe
● RoHS Complian

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