Leaders of Fujian Light and Textile Industrial(holdings) Co.,LTD Conducted Research at Dongguan Hi-Optel

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From July 25th to 26th, Fujian Light and Textile Industrial(holdings) Co.,LTD vice chairman, general Manager Zheng Shuxiong, chief accountant Zheng Jianjun conducted research at Dongguan Hi-Optel, accompanied by Hi-Optel’s operation and management team.
Lin Xinli, the chairman of Hi-Optel introduced the next stage of Hi-Optel’s business development ideas and key special work. The leaders of Fujian Light and Textile and the participants deeply analyzed the current problems faced by Hi-Optel, discussed the feasibility and risk of the special work, and put forward optimization suggestions.
Zheng Shuxiong fully affirmed Hi-Optel’s rapid formulation of countermeasures in a severe market environment, and at the same time put forward five work requirements and deployments:
1. Continue to promote thematic education to go deep and practical, see action and achieve results, adhere to two-handed and two-promotion, and truly transform the theme education achievements into a powerful driving force for reform, innovation, and overcoming difficulties, so as to boost the high-quality development of enterprises
2. Implement the new work ideas and special work measures formed by the team discussion, strengthen refined management, optimize the incentive and assessment mechanism, and strive to complete the company’s annual business tasks
3. Set up a special research working group to study and make good use of international and domestic policies to make Malaysia Hi-Optel stronger and bigger
4. Strengthen the party’s leadership over enterprises, and comprehensively do a good job in party building, ideology, and “three majors and one major” decision-making. Party members must strengthen their studies, stick to principles, and be honest and self-disciplined
5.Immediately mobilize and make adequate defense preparations for typhoon “Dusuri”

Post time: Jul-31-2023