10GBASE-SR SFP+ 850nm 300m Hi-Optel HSFP10-3831 module

Short Description:

HSFP10-3831 is a very compact 10Gb/s optical transceiver module for serial optical communication applications, supporting data-rate of 10.3125Gbps (10GBASE-SR) or 9.953Gbps (10GBASE-SW), and transmission distance up to 300m on 50μm MMF (2000MHz.km).

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Fiber type Minimum modal bandwidth @ 850 nm (MHz●km) Operatingra nge (meters)
62.5um MMF 160 2 to 26
200 2 to 33
50um MMF 400 2 to 66
500 2 to 82
2000 2 to 300

SFP+SR Operating Range for each Optical Fiber Type

The transceiver consists of two sections: The high performance 850nm VCSEL transmitter and high sensitivity PIN integrated with a TIA. Receiver.

A block diagram of the HSFP10-3831 SFP+ optical transceiver is shown below


● Absolute Maximum Ratings

Parameter Symbol Min Max Unit
Storage Temperature TST -40 +85  ℃
Supply Voltage VCC3 0 +3.6 V
Relative Humidity RH 5 85 %

● Recommend Operation Environment

Parameter Symbol Min Typ Max Unit
Date Rate     10.3125   Gb/s
Supply Voltage VCC +3.14 3.3 +3.47 V
Supply Current ICC   180 200 mA
Power Dissipation PD     0.8 W
Operating Temperature TOP -5 25 +75

● Transmitter Operating Characteristic-Optical, Electrical

Parameter Symbol Min Typ Max Unit Ref.
Side Mode Suppression Ratio SMSR 30 -   dBm  
Average launch power of OFF transmitter Poff   - -30 dBm  
Extinction Ratio ER 3.5   - dB 1
Transmitter Dispersion Penalty TDP - - 3.9 dB  
Operating Data Rate S   10.3125   Gbps  
Centre Wavelength λC 840 850 860 nm  
Spectrum Band Width (RMS) σ     0.45 nm  
Average Optical Power Pavg -7.3 - -1 dBm  
Optical Eye Mask Compliant with IEEE 802.3ae  
Input Differential Impedance ZIN 90 100 110 Ω  
TX Disable Disable   2.0   Vcc+0.3 V  
Enable   0   0.8 V  
TX Fault Fault   2.0   Vcc+0.3 V  
Normal   0   0.8 V  
Data Dependent Input Jitter DDJ     0.08 UI  
Data Input Total Jitter TJ     0.25 UI  

● Receiver Operating Characteristic-Optical, Electrical

Parameter Symbol Min Typ Max Unit Ref.
Center Wavelength λr   850   nm  
Average receiver power PIN     -11.1 dBm 2
Receiver Overload PMAX -1.0     dBm 2
Los Assert LosA -30   - dBm  
Los Dessert LosD     -12 dBm  
Los Hysteresis LosH 0.5 2.5 5 dB  
Receiver Reflectance       -12 dB 1
Output Differential Impedance PIN 90 100 110 Ω  
LOS High   2.0   Vcc+0.3 V  
Low   0   0.8  
Rx Output Rise and Fall Time Tr/Tf 30     ps 20% to 80%
Total Output Jitter TJ     0.7 UI  
Data Dependent Output Jitter DJ     0.42 UI  

Note 1. Measured at 10.3125b/s with PRBS 231 – 1 NRZ test pattern.
Note 2. Under the ER worst case, measured at 10.3125 Gb/s with PRBS 231 – 1 NRZ test pattern for BER

● Control and Status I/O Timing Characteristics

Parameter Symbol Min Max Unit Ref.
TX Disable Assert Time t_off   10 µs 1
TX Disable Negate Time t_on   1 ms 2
Time to initialize including reset of TX_Fault t_init   300 ms 3
TX Fault Assert Time t_fault   100 µs 4
TX Disable to reset t_reset 10   µs 5
LOS Assert Time t_loss_on   100 µs 6
LOS Deassert Time t_loss_off   100 µs 7
Rate-Select Change Time t_ratesel   10 µs 8
Serial ID Clock Rate f_serial_clock   400 kHz  

1. Time from rising edge of TX Disable to when the optical output falls below 10% of nominal.
2. Time from falling edge of TX Disable to when the modulated optical output rises above 90% of nominal.
3. From power on or negation of TX Fault using TX Disable.
4. Time from fault to TX fault on.
5. Time TX Disable must be held high to reset TX_fault.
6. Time from LOS state to RX LOS assert.
7. Time from non-LOS state to RX LOS deassert.
8. Time from rising or falling edge of Rate Select input until receiver bandwidth is in conformance with appropriate specification.

Regulatory Compliance

The HSFP10-383X complies with international Electromagnetic Compatibility and international safety requirements and standards (see details in Table following).

Electrostatic Discharge
(ESD) to the Electrical Pins
Method 3015.4
Class 1(>2000 V)
Interference (EMI)
FCC Part 15 Class B
EN55022 Class B (CISPR 22B)
VCCI Class B
Compatible with standards
Laser Eye Safety FDA 21CFR 1040.10 and 1040.11
EN60950, EN (IEC) 60825-1,2
Compatible with Class 1 laser product.

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